Infinite Possibilities Exist: Anekantvada

Photo: Today is the birthday of Saint Mahaveera, a contemporary of Buddha and the founder of Jainism-which has origins in India, where Buddha's work originated in or around Nepal. In honor of today, recognize that ‘Anekantvada' exists everywhere. There are infinite possibilities that exist today-your life, family, career, your "calling", and everything attached to you is working for you to bring you your highest good-should YOU CHOOSE to see it that way.Today is the birthday of Saint Mahaveera, a contemporary of Buddha and the founder of Jainism-which has origins in India, whereas Buddha’s work originated in or around Nepal. In honor of today, recognize that ‘Anekantvada‘ exists everywhere. There are infinite possibilities that exist today-your life, family, career, your “calling”, and everything attached to you is working for you to bring you your highest good-should YOU CHOOSE to see it that way.


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Angels and Demons

Angels & Demons. ~ Jesse Herriott

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“Angels and Demons”



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The Lucifer Effect.

Have you ever awakened out of your sleep because of some unconscious urge that you couldn’t resist—whether that urge is something good or something bad? If that doesn’t apply to you, then can you remember a time in which you felt an overwhelming feeling to have, try, taste, touch, or experience something that would otherwise be taboo?

Some psychologists call it The Lucifer Effect—not in the sense of fundamental Christianity, but it does shine some light as to why good people seem to do some very bad things.

Whether you think that sexual relationships outside of a committed relationship is right or wrong—you have to admit that something had to be a catalyst to even trigger the idea to partake of the taboo. And sex isn’t our only coping mechanism—there are just as many addictions as there are stars in the sky. Our generation has even seen the addition of two brand new addictions to the behavioral disorder’s handbook-internet addiction and video gaming addictions.

But the real question would have to be why we partake of some of these career-shattering, relationship-destroying, self-sabotaging things.

I don’t believe it has anything to do with intelligence. In most cases, individuals that are “caught” with their hand in their respective cookie jars are probably reasonable people. I think that there is something bigger at play—impulses working within our souls that some of our religions and mythologies tried to warn us about.

Our religions and mythologies tell wonderful tales of angels and demons. To start with the more taboo notion, the word demon in the Greek is actually translates as the word “daimones” and it refers to an unconscious and sometimes conscious impulse or longing for something that overcomes an individual’s sense of judgment.

Now, depending on the society and culture in which you reside, that impulse may not be as harshly viewed. And there’s enough evidence from our history that exemplifies that—from the abuse of suspect classes, to less severe acts that only affect the individual partaking of them.

The stories that we hear of angels have the same effect—the word itself in Greek basically means messenger or message. We often describe our encounters with these supernatural energies as otherworldly and we often give them non-humanly attributes. Yet, our descriptions aren’t often far-fetched because it is difficult to describe a psychological and emotional encounter with words.

If angels and daimones are viewed correctly, we can see them as messages or impulses that arise up from our unconscious—on a soul level. It is what we choose to do with those messages by way of our interpretation and application of them that makes those impulses, hormones and overall feelings more demonic rather than angelic.

If we view God as embodying both masculine and feminine attributes, then maybe we can also view God as both love and law, angelic and daimonic, embodying a perfect balance of those two extremes. Nature is often peaceful, but it can also be violent when destructive weather patterns are taken into account.

But the key is found in finding balance.

It does not matter whether you can achieve harmony and balance through meditation, yoga, spiritual practice, or medication—as long as you do find that balance. None of us are exempt from being off-centered or more daimonic rather than angelic. Our experience of this dual nature is a part of the mystery that we call the human experience. But we do have the power of will, which enables us to take control over our souls, rather than allowing those inner voices and urges to take control over us.

Spirituality and Stress

Spirituality and Stress

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stressA spiritual approach to living does not make you immune to stress. However, choosing to practice spiritual awareness can shorten the time in which you experience seeming moments of pressure or tension.  As author Thomas Moore powerfully reminds us, “It is by submerging yourself into the experiences of life, work, marriage and family that you truly engage in spiritual practice.”

The key word is practice. Spiritual practice is a repetitive, habitual expression you consciously engage in every day. Furthermore, there isn’t a right or wrong way of “practicing”; your soul will guide you into experiences that are in alignment with your need to grow and evolve.

The Book of Acts, chapter 17, verse 28 says that “in him we live move and have our being.” The verse suggests there is no spot where the Infinite is not present; therefore, God will meet you where you are. If you choose to see the Infinite as impulses firing at you, instead of shifting your perspective to see them as God expressing through you, you will experience suffering.

Life challenges you to evolve and transform into the luminous being that you are meant to be. Experiencing various degrees of stress is a necessary part of the human experience.  Remember that you are a channel of luminosity seeking to know and express itself. The rate of expansion can be overwhelming at times. So when you feel the rush of emotions flood your body, take a deep breath and let them pass through you. Make a conscious choice to perceive reality as a set of experiences working together for your good. Go through it and grow through it; your light will shine a bit brighter because of it!

Live Fully, Love Freely

Live Fully, Love Freely

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freeIf you pay close attention to the news outlets and the talk around town (and on social media), you may quickly find yourself drawn into a state of pandemonium and fear. Fear is a natural emotion that runs through our biological systems as a result of external stimuli that we perceive to be threatening. It would be absurd to deny that fear is not a real emotion.

Whenever you are faced with a circumstance that makes you fearful, try to remember that the foundation of spiritual practice isn’t to run away or deny the fullness of the human expression and experience; rather, it is to feel it come up and pass through you. To illustrate what I mean, let’s take a brief look at language. One of the many Latin words for fear is the word metus, which means “among, with, or around fear.” The root of that word, met, is used in composing words, such asmeti-culous (fearful of making a mistake).

But if you add the letter “A” to that root to turn “met” into “meta,” you instantly shift from being “around, on the same level as, or with” fear to being “above” or “transcendent” of whatever you are facing, as in the word meta-physics (above or beyond the physical). The lesson is this: As soon as you feel fear gripping you, try adding one small iota of spiritual truth to your awareness, and it will create an opening for you to step out of that state.

The whole purpose of the human experience is to live fully and love freely. Whenever you are stuck in fear, you are disconnected from the awareness that you are loved and guided. By love, I am not referring to an emotion directed toward you, but the truth that you are the embodiment of Divine Love itself. In many cases, we try to run away from our true feelings and deny the signals that life is bringing us. Well, if fear is a bio-physical response to external stimuli in your environment, then your life is giving you an answer to a very powerful question that you have asked. Your job is to shift your awareness of that message by bringing the truth of your being into your consciousness.

You are always loved and you are always provided for. Don’t run away from your fear. God in you, as you, through you, has the tools to shape it into something beautiful. Dig your heels in; Hold on to your truth, and for your next move, select one of the many infinite possibilities that are around you. Your life will get better when you participate in creating the good you wish to experience.