“The Science of Love”

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“The Science of Love”

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Robert Palmer had it right.

One thing is for certain, the research that is available helps to shed light on why divorces and breakups hurt so badly; love is a powerful drug and it’s highly addictive in nature. Some of the same good-feeling chemicals that are released by your brain during the love-process are some of the same chemicals that are released when a drug user gets high. Therefore, the experience of separation from the person that you love mimics the withdrawals that a drug addict exhibits when they are being weaned off of drugs.

During what I would call the “love moment,” not only are specific chemicals released in the brain, but our brain experiences various degrees of strong cognitive activity as well. For example, during states where individuals describe the feeling of being in love, certain areas of the brain associated cognition are stimulated, and chemicals such as oxytocin are released throughout our body systems……………..

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