Live Fully, Love Freely

Live Fully, Love Freely

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freeIf you pay close attention to the news outlets and the talk around town (and on social media), you may quickly find yourself drawn into a state of pandemonium and fear. Fear is a natural emotion that runs through our biological systems as a result of external stimuli that we perceive to be threatening. It would be absurd to deny that fear is not a real emotion.

Whenever you are faced with a circumstance that makes you fearful, try to remember that the foundation of spiritual practice isn’t to run away or deny the fullness of the human expression and experience; rather, it is to feel it come up and pass through you. To illustrate what I mean, let’s take a brief look at language. One of the many Latin words for fear is the word metus, which means “among, with, or around fear.” The root of that word, met, is used in composing words, such asmeti-culous (fearful of making a mistake).

But if you add the letter “A” to that root to turn “met” into “meta,” you instantly shift from being “around, on the same level as, or with” fear to being “above” or “transcendent” of whatever you are facing, as in the word meta-physics (above or beyond the physical). The lesson is this: As soon as you feel fear gripping you, try adding one small iota of spiritual truth to your awareness, and it will create an opening for you to step out of that state.

The whole purpose of the human experience is to live fully and love freely. Whenever you are stuck in fear, you are disconnected from the awareness that you are loved and guided. By love, I am not referring to an emotion directed toward you, but the truth that you are the embodiment of Divine Love itself. In many cases, we try to run away from our true feelings and deny the signals that life is bringing us. Well, if fear is a bio-physical response to external stimuli in your environment, then your life is giving you an answer to a very powerful question that you have asked. Your job is to shift your awareness of that message by bringing the truth of your being into your consciousness.

You are always loved and you are always provided for. Don’t run away from your fear. God in you, as you, through you, has the tools to shape it into something beautiful. Dig your heels in; Hold on to your truth, and for your next move, select one of the many infinite possibilities that are around you. Your life will get better when you participate in creating the good you wish to experience.


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