In a Tough Economy- Quiting isn’t an Option: You Just Need a Stronger Brand

tumblr_lwbmw1AJPY1r88h0fo1_500In today’s tough economy-we’ve all seen the rise and fall of some amazing products and services-across the board. Netflix and others like it quickly moved from being just another internet company, to being the company known to take down blockbuster. Streaming videos on Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube have revolutionized the way we watch entertainment-And they are actually giving traditional versions of cable and satellite television a run for their money-literally!

So what does that have to do with us? As someone who hangs around churches a lot, my guess is that those fierce battles in the the corporate were a sign of things to come for us. With dozens of churches on every corner, and as many ministers and spiritual teachers as there are stars in the sky-you’d have to wonder if maybe our market has become a little over-saturated. But the real question for a church leader, or spiritual teacher whomever you are is whether or not you will the economy or your “competition” to sink your brand.

Your story is just that-your story! And in our “choice-generation” where we have dozens of options-from what we eat to how we dress, to what we choose to entertain ourselves with, being able to stand out from the crowd is definitely necessary.

One of the advantages that you have is that God made you uniquely you, and the sooner you focus on your strengths, talents, and gifts, the brighter your light will shine. You see, I don’t believe in competition too much-If you can become an expert on “YOU” there shouldn’t be any other “competitors” in your field. Regardless of your speciality, there’s a niche market that needs what you have to offer. DO NOT let the economy force you to throw away your vision. YOU DON’T NEED TO QUIT-YOU NEED TO REGROUP! When you take a look at companies like Apple and other huge brands-they continue on despite all of the others out there that produce products of a similar quality to them. They’ve learned to build a stronger brand that can withstand the tests of time, and the rise and fall of global markets.

So-How strong is your brand?—I know it’s equally tough to focus on your brand and building your vision when you have to also support your livelihood and to be honest, it’s difficult to choose between the two of them. So DON”T. Become bi-vocational if you have to. If you believe in your dream-get up early, work harder-create a home office out of your bedroom closet if you have to-just get moving! Nobody is going to believe in your dream until you start believing in it. Nobody is going to financially support your vision until you invest in it! —–You can do it—-I’m doing it right now!……..Check out my follow up article on tips on building a stronger brand.

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